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Boeing 737, BAe 146, MD-80


This course is designed for Cabin Crew only.


Course duration

16 hours



Bulgarian/ English



The aim of the Conversion Training is to train Cabin Crew to perform as Cabin Attendants according to EU OPS 1.1010.


Training Modules

  • Aircraft construction and equipment
  • Aircraft systems
  • Aircraft emergency items and equipment. Evacuation devices
  • Visiting B 737 or BAe 146 or MD 80 aircraft and familiarization with cabin and emergency equipment
  • Safety and emergency procedures
  • Mock-up practical training
  • Water survival training
  • Written test
  • CRM


Equipment used

Aircraft Field Visit, Group Work, Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer, Fire Fighting Trainer (optional), Swimming Pool


Training Methodology

Instruction, Video TV, Power Point Presentations, Handouts, Lectures, Group Work